So You're Having a Birthday Party!
Invite our puppet friends to your next birthday party!

The Puppet Company is pleased to have a birthday party package that would impress even the youngest critic! For a nominal fee, we offer the following activities and attractions:

The Magic Mushrooms Mrs. Wintergreen's Birthday Surprise Perez and Mondinga The Three Dinosaurs Gruff

Rhonda Godwin, an accomplished actress and puppeteer, has studied and performed in theatre and film since the age of 17. She first studied the arts at Chabot College and College of Marin, and later at the prestigious ACT in San Francisco. Her stage performances have been seen in many theaters over the years. Her favorite type of theatre was Commedia Del’Arte, the traveling Italian theatre with a splash of improv; which was performed at Sonoma County wineries and throughout California.

She later joined Randal’s Puppet Company in the 90’s, and since then has worked beside him as a master puppeteer. In puppetry she’s performed as such classic characters as Judy, in “Punch and Judy”; as well as numerous fun-loving character voiceover roles for the puppet shows. She entertains as the Puppet Lady, enthralling children at private parties and events with her puppets.

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The whole puppet visit usually lasts anywhere from 35 - 45 minutes. How do I arrange a visit? It's easy! Just call:

The Puppet Company at (510) 569-3144 (California)
"Entertainment for all ages!"