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"Perez and Mondinga"
Hand Puppets

This is the story of a cockroach who marries a mouse. Mondinga Cockroach decides it is time for her to marry and settle down. And so she looks for a suitor. The loud Rooster wishes to marry her, but he is too loud and boastful. The rich little Pig would love to settle down, but he is just looking for someone to clean his house. And worst of all, the evil Cat wants Mondinga for his own. But..he is too scary. And then comes Perez Mouse. Strumming his guitar and speaking gently. Mondinga falls in love and they agree to marry. This Mexican fable tells the story of how Perez and Mondinga settle down, hold a wonderful fiesta, and defeat the evil Cat who tries to ruin everything. Filled with lovable animal characters, this Mexican spectacular is suitable for all ages.

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