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A musical by Bob Merrill and Michael Stewart

Lili, an orphan girl, runs away to the carnival where she meets a woman-chasing magician, an angry puppet master and four delightful puppets who she believes are real. Lili spends her time discussing life with these puppets and soon becomes the carnival's top attraction. Her gentle nature works wonders on the carnival and soon changes the hearts of the magician and puppeteer. Great songs make this musical a popular one with the crowds. Based on the movie "Lili" and Paul Galico's novel "For The Love Of Seven Dolls". We have two different sets of "Carnival" puppets available for rental. In each set, we have made the figures large enough to read in any size house. Each set has it's own unique attributes:

Set #1: Large Muppet - Type puppets. These are simple to work and lend themselves nicely to productions where you don't have a professional puppeteer on hand. Most suitable for community theater and high school productions.

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Set #2: These puppets were designed to be worked by a good puppeteer. They have complex mechanisms in some of them that allow for specific actions called for in the script. For example: Reynardo wiggles his mustache and has a working hand, Horrible Henry raises his eyebrows and claps his hands, and Carrot Top has bars that allow him to walk across the puppet stage. Their heads move up and down and side to side and are built on a "Czechoslovakian" type of rod control. A must for any production where the director wants the puppet to be as real as possible.

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Each rental set includes: Carrot Top, Horrible Henry the Walrus, Reynardo the Fox, Marguerite the Vain, Little Jack Horner & Mother Goose, and Horrible Henry's gift to Lili at finale

For rental costs or questions call:

The Puppet Company at (510) 569-3144 (California)
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