Randal John Metz
Artistic Director of The Puppet Company
Professional Puppet Training From:

  • Lewis Mahlmann - Director of Children's Fairyland's Storybook Puppet Theater, and notable American puppeteer. "Puppet Construction, scripting, artistic technique & know-how" 1970 - 2014
  • Lettie Shubert - Hand puppet manipulator and television puppeteer of the 50's. Doll sculptor and costumer. "Basic puppet manipulation and style" 1970 - 2006
  • Bob Baker - Marionette artist in Los Angeles, and creator of Disneyland windows, movie effects and marionettes. "Basic Marionette showmanship, crafting and manipulation" 1985 - 1989
  • Jerry Juhl - Head Writer for The Muppets. "Writing and scripting through personal classes"
Theatrical & Artistic History:

  • B.A. in Theater Arts - San Francisco State University. focusing on acting, scene design and children's theater. Graduated "Cum Laude." 1985
  • Knowland Park Zoo - Puppet Theater Director under supervision of William Penn Mott Jr. Created shows for Oakland's Baby Zoo. 1979 - 80
  • Children's Fairyland, Oakland - Director of "The Storybook Puppet Theater" The oldest, ongoing professional puppet theater in the U.S. 1991 - Today
  • The Big John Strong Circus - Puppeteer for Two United States Tours. 1987 & 1988
Personal Highlights:
  • Past President & Vice President of The San Francisco Bay Area Puppetry Guild (several years each)
  • Participant in a two-week extensive college workshop on the history of puppetry, Survey of Puppet Theater Techniques, taught by The Muppets Creative Staff and Performers
  • Performed puppet presentation of Stravinsky's "History of a Soldier" with The San Francisco Chamber Orchestra and Lewis Mahlmann
  • Director and/or actor in local Community Theater
  • Author of "Storybook Strings - 50 Years of Puppetry at Children's Fairyland's Storybook Puppet Theater", "Creating a Fairyland - 60 Years of Magic at Children's Fairyland U.S.A.", "Making Puppets The Fairyland Way", "Images of America - Children's Fairyland". Available through Fairyland at www.fairyland.org or from www.charlemagnepress.com and Arcadia books publishing.
  • A Featured Puppet Theater in the 2006 calendar of "American Puppet Theaters" from The Puppeteers of America