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"One Wacky Winter"
Hand, Rod & Marionettes

This holiday fable is based loosely on "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". Way up on top of Winter Mountain lives the Grunch. The Grunch is the long, lost brother of the Grinch. Things are in full swing at the Master Toymaker's workshop in Toyland. Toys are being created by the Toy- maker's top assistants, the Who's. So...........what could possibly go wrong? A mystery is what. A mystery that could stop the holidays from happening. Someone is kidnapping broken toys from the workshop! Who could it be? Enter the Grunch. This Grunch is taking toys and repairing them in his cave on the mountain. While at the same time he is planning on taking over the Toymaker's workshop and stopping Winter celebrations forever! Ha, ha, ha! Can Frosty, the Toymaker's chief of police, stop this evil plot? Will the Who's ever return to normal once the Grunch hypnotizes them and turns them towards his evil schemes? And what of our hero, a small toy teddy bear named Cuddles? Join us for a bit of holiday fun as The Puppet Company spoofs our classic X-mas television specials.

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